What is the difference between Verify, Authorization Only and Sale?

PayHub supports four types of transactions - Verify, Authorization Only, Sale and Offline.  

Verify transactions are used to check that the credit card number is valid and that the Billing Address matches what is provided by the customer.  These transactions do not display as a pending charge on a customer's online banking statement. 

Authorization Only and Sale transactions charge the customer's credit card for the amount listed.  A Sale transaction will queue the transaction for settlement while an Authorization Only will wait for you, the merchant, to "Capture" the transaction for settlement.  

An Offline transaction depends on the merchant utilizing the Voice Authorization phone line (see https://signapay.com/contact) and receiving the 6-character Authorization Code for the transaction and the customer's credit card details are available.  This transaction will NOT re-authorize the card but will queue the item for settlement (or a manual close batch).  

Holds are placed on Auth Only and Sale transactions for:

* Visa = up to 7 days 

* MasterCard, Discover and AmericanExpress = up to 30 days. 

For Auth-Only transactions captures after this auth hold time, a new transaction may be run and funds may be unavailable after settlement.

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