Verifone VX520DC EMV/NFC Terminal Now Available on Priority Payment Systems

EMV/NFC (CTLS) IS now ready and available in Vimas for the VX520DC Terminal.

The application that needs to be selected in Vimas is:

XEVA432 EMV / Terminal Capture / TSYS, along with

VX520 Dual Com Contactless With SC


The terminal MUST be authenticated with the following logic:

Take the last 5 digits of the MID, and use it with ABCDE.

In example: DBA: SIGNAPAY MID: 3899000000618445

The Authentication code is: 1A8B4C4D5E

Then the business ZIP code MUST be entered.


Please note that in order to authenticate the machine, it must be authenticated via the processing method. If the file build is set to process Dial, the machine must be authenticated via Dial. If the file build is set to process IP, it must be authenticated IP

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