Export PayHub VirtualHub Reports into the QuickBooks .IIF File Format

The PayHub Virtual Hub provides QuickBooks .IIF file format export.

This is a file export feature that generates an file that is compatible with QuickBooks. It is not a full integration.

The user will need to modify the order of the fields in the QuickBooks .IIF file that is exported from PayHub. This may involve adding and/or deleting fields. The fields in Quickbooks .IIF file will need to correctly map to their corresponding fields in QuickBooks when being imported.

PayHub VirtualHub provides the raw export file and it is the user that will need to determine the format and process by which that format is attained in order to properly import to QuickBooks. As a user's Quickbooks set up may vary the order of its fields from the the manner in which PayHub orders fields.

Please refer to Intuit for instructions on how to import to Quickbooks:


The Intuit Interchange Format (.IIF) file format export files are obtained from the orange 'Export' drop-down button of reports that support it.


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