Merchant Activation


Merchant Activation

    • After the merchant is entered into the PayHub system, they will receive an Activation email. Here is an example.


    • The Activation email will have a link that the merchant will have to either click on to open, or copy/paste the URL into their web browser.


Login Information and Company Info Confirmation

    • Upon clicking the link, you will be brought to a form on the PayHub servers, where you will be asked to create an Admin Username and Admin Password. You will also be provided with yourOrganization ID and will be asked to confirm or edit your Company Information.
      • Passwords must meet the following requirements:
        • At least 8 characters
        • Include one number
        • Include one special character.
      • If you want an auto generated password click the Generate one for me link, and type that password into the confirm password field.
      • Edit Company Information as needed.
        • Here you confirm your company information, and fill in any required items that are missing.
        • You can also use this time to update your DBA information (if needed), as well as change your Security Code to be anything else that you want (the only requirements are that it is alphanumeric and 4 characters).


  • If you are having trouble entering this information, please contact PayHub at:, or call your Merchant Service Provider.
  • Enter the information being requested and click on Confirm.

Now what do I do?

    • You are now ready to either start running Transactions!
    • You will receive an email with the subject "Your PayHub Account has been activated!". This will confirm that your PayHub account has been activated and that you can now process credit cards.


      • SAVE THIS EMAIL!: This email will be your future reference for your OrgID and Usernameshould you lose or forget them. The OrgID in this email along with your Security Code (which you manage from your Admin user settings) are the two items we use to confirm you are an authorized Administrator for this account.


  • You can now also further configure your Virtual Hub by either creating user roles (groups with customized permissions which you assign users to), and creating users based on those roles, as well as all the features available through the Virtual Hub for your account!


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