Roles are Permission groups that you assign a user to. Once a Role is created with the permissions you want for a user ( or if the default role has the permissions you want for that user ) go to the page Users for directions how to set up Users!


Location of Roles

  1. Log into the PayHub Virtual Hub.
  2. Select Admin from the top menu. MenuAdmin
  3. On the 'Admin' screen, under the 'Users' section, click on Roles.

  4. AdminUsers MainRoles_172px
  5. There is one user role pre-created for the merchant titled 'Merchant Admin'.

Create a Role

  • Use this ability to create custom roles and permissions to serve your business needs.


  • Each Account has one default role, the 'Merchant Admin'.


  • To create additional roles, click on the Duplicate link in the 'Function' column of the 'Merchant Admin' role.
    • Change the 'Role Name' to something that reflects that group of users.
    • Select the preferred default screen from the 'First Screen Default' drop-down - This chooses the page to which members of a Role group will be taken to upon login.
      1. Process a Card - When selected, the merchant user will login directly to the 'Sale' screen, ready to take credit card info to process.
      2. Home - When selected, the member user will be taken to the 'Home' page upon log in.
      3. Reports - When selected the member user will be taken to the 'Reports' page upon log in.
    • Choose which permissions apply to Users that are members of this Role group. You do this by checking the permissions that are granted to them and UNchecking those permissions that are denied to them.
    • Finally, select "Save Changes" to save your changes.

Role Permissions

Following below is a list of the various Role Permissions, and what they do. Select all the permissions that you would like a User group to have by checking the Check box to select.


Transactions Role Settings RolesTransactionsTransactionFocus_722pxBy enabling the Transactions category, you enable users assigned to this role to do various things with transactions.

    • Single [Sales] - allows doing things with one-time sales. See below subcategories:
      • Sales - This allows a Role User to run single transactions (Recurring billing has an independent permission selection).
      • Refunds and Voids up to:$XXXX.XX amount - Allows a Role User to run refunds and voids up to a certain amount. The amount would be dictated by the Admin who sets up the User Role, by entering that value int to the provided input field.
      • Submit Batch - This allows a Role User to submit batches.
      • Recurring Billing - Allow the viewing/running/deleting of Recurring Bills. At the very minimum to keep this enabled, you must have the below VIEW option enabled!
        • Add - Ability to and and run Recurring Bills.
        • Edit - Ability to edit Recurring Bills.
        • Delete - Ability to delete Recurring Bills.
      • Submit Batches - Allows you to view current Open Batches!


Customers Role Settings Roles Customers

  • Selection of the Customers Check box allows those in the role group to view the customer accounts.
    • Add Allows you to add a customer.
    • Edit Allows you to Edit an existing customer account.
    • Delete Allows you to Delete Customer Accounts.


Report Role Settings

  • Reports come in 7 different "groups".
  • Standard Reports consist of 6 different types of reports, which you can see the standard reports below.
  • Custom Reports - Someone in this role group has the ability to view and create custom report.
TransactionsRecurring BillsBatchesCustomersUsers
Current Batcht Current Month Recurring Billing accounts All Batches All Customers All Users
All Transactions Last Batch Delinquent Current Week Top 50 Loyal Customers Logins & Logouts
Today Current Month Last Year Paused Current Month    
Unfulfilled Orders Yesterday   Current Batch    
Last Month Last Quarter Taxes        
Risk Hold Transactions          


Admin Role Settings


  • By enabling a User Category with Admin Role Settings, you generally allow various admin changes to take place. For Example, you allow this role to create/edit/delete users or products, and have the ability to request different setups with PayHub. You also gain access to the Admin Category link on the Virtual Hub Top Menu.
  • General Category
    • General Settings - Turn on/off card validation for recurring billing, turn on/off Level 2-3 processing, request New/Deletion of Terminals, as well as set Auto Batch.
    • Branding - Make Various adjustments to the way a receipt prints and looks, as well as set a logo!
    • Adjust Shipping & Tax Rates - Make adjustments to shipping/Tax Rates
    • Validated Devices - Edit or remove validated Devices from the account.
    • 3rd Party API - Allows to request setup and access to 3rd Party API devices.
  • Users
    • Add/Edit/Deletion of Users
    • Add/Edit/Delete/Manage User Roles.
  • Risk/Fraud
    • Access to view flagged transactions, and can make adjustments to Risk/Fraud Settings. See link for further details.


Help Role Settings


    • Selection of the Help Check box allows those in the role group to view the 'Help / Support Contact' page via access to the Help link on the Top Menu.


  • Selecting the Tickets Check box allows those in the role group to view PayHub support tickets via the 'Tickets' section.
  • Selecting the Add Check box allows those in the role group to add PayHub support tickets via the Sendbutton. Tickets are e-correspondence between Merchant and PayHub!
  • Selecting the Edit Check box allows those in the role group to reply to PayHub support tickets via theSend button. Tickets are e-correspondence between Merchant and PayHub!
  • HelpTickets
  • Tickets are handled by PayHub employees, NOT the reseller/ISO


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