Before Adding Users

IMPORTANT: A ROLE for the user to be associated with must exist.

All users need to be associated with a role. A role is a group of permissions for one or a group of users. This role must be different than the "Merchant Admin" role, which is the default role. Only the Admin User can use the "Merchant Admin" role as a role. You will need to use role other than the "Merchant Admin" role for any user that is not the main admin. If none exists, you will need to create one by selecting the "Duplicate" link for the "Merchant Admin" role, and then editing the "Role Name", "First Screen Default", and selected "Permissions" as applies for the role you are creating - AND make certain to select "Save Changes" to save your changes. Once you have at least one role other than the "Merchant Admin" role, you will be able to create a user.

NOTE:  If you can't create a user, first confirm that there is more than one role. If the "Merchant Admin" role is the only role, you will not be able to create a user. You will need to create at least one role other than the "Merchant Admin" role in order to be able to create a User.

For more information about roles visit this link: Roles


Access Users Section

    • Click on Admin in the top menu.


  • There you will see a section called Users with the following subsections:
    • All Users - This section is for User Management.
    • Add a User - This section is for adding new users.
    • Roles - This section is for User Roles, please see Roles for more information on this section!

AdminUsers Main

Add a User

NOTE:  If you can't create a user, first confirm that there is more than one role. If the "Merchant Admin" role is the only role, you will not be able to create a user. You will need to create at least one role other than the "Merchant Admin" role in order to be able to create a User. See this article for instructions on creating a ROLE.


    • From the User Menu, click on Add a User

AdminUsers MainAllUsers_172px

    • You will now be taken to the New User page. Enter in the requested information:
      • 'Username'
      • 'Password' (Passwords need to be at least 8 characters, have at least 1 number, and at least 1 special character)
      • 'Role' (Pick the role from the dropdown menu, please remember if you want a custom role group, you need to create that first!)
      • 'First Name'
      • 'Last Name'
      • 'Email Address' (Optional)

Add User

    • Click on Save Changes when you are done!


  • YOU MUST PROVIDE THE USER WITH HIS USERNAME AND PASSWORD! (The new user will change their password upon first login)

New User Activation

New VH users need to be created by their VH Admin. The username and password will need to be provided to them before they can begin. The New User needs to go to the login screen, and enter the OrgID of the business, their Username and Password (as provided by the admin), then click the 'Login' button.

    • Now you need to change your password, and make sure it meets the following requirements:
      • At least 8 characters
      • Include one number
      • Include one special character
    • Click on Change Password when completed! (You may need to log in again after this step)


    • Now set your 'Security Question and Answer'. This is used for password resets in the future! Please make it something you will remember! Click Confirm when you are done, and you will be logged into the VT!


VH User Password Reset

Resetting a PayHub Virtual Hub Password:

    • Admin/Supervisor (with User rights), needs to log into the VH and click on the Admin link in the top menu.


    • From the 'Admin' page, click on 'All Users' under the 'Users' section.


    • then click on the 'User ID' for the username whose password you need to reset.


    • When on the user page for the user you need to adjust, click the link for Change Password for User XXXXXXX


    • Now the Change Password pop up box will appear, please change password to one that meets the following specifications (as seen in the screenshot)


    • Provide the new password to the user, and have them log in with the new password.
    • Now the user will have to answer their security question to confirm this is them. Click on Confirmafter putting this in.


    • Now the user will input their new password, and confirm it by entering it again. This new password must conform to the following:
      • Be at least 8 characters long
      • Contain at least 1 number
      • Contain at least 1 special character (example: @#$%^&*)


  • Click on Change Password, and your new password is updated, and you are logged into the Virtual Terminal.

Admin Password Reset

Admin Passwords are reset via one of two methods, first: Clicking the Forgot your password? link on the log in page, or by calling PayHub to have a Reset Password email sent out.

    • Method 1: clicking the Forgot your password? link on the log in screen

VirtualHub Login Screen_642px

      • Click on the link for Forgot your password? On the next screen, enter your OrgID and your username, and click on "Reset Password".


      • You will shortly receive an email from PayHub, with a new temporary password to log in with. Here is an example of this email:


      • Log in with the new password, and you will be prompted to generate a new one. Create the new password and click on Change Password. You then will be taken back to the log in page, and log back in with the new password.


  • Method 2: Call PayHub to have the Password reset email sent out to you.

Update User Information

Updating User information

    • From the Top Menu, click on Admin.


    • Click on All Users to access the user list.

AdminUsers MainAllUsers_172px

    • Then click on the user's name who you want to update.


  • On the User entry page, an admin user can update the username, password, First/Last name, the email address or also the User's role.
    • Note: Only the user themselves can update their own security question/answer


    • Click on the Save Changes button when done making changes.


Mark a User Inactive

Turning Off/On a User's access

    • Access the User's 'View/Edit User' page, as detailed in Edit a User's information above.
    • Uncheck the Check box next to Active to turn the User Account Off.

    • Check the Check box next to Active to turn the User account ON.


  • Click on 'Save Changes'.


User updating their Security Question & Answer

Note: This can only be done by the User themselves, an Admin cannot update another User's Security Question/Answer!

    • User logs into PayHub Virtual Hub.
    • Next to the logout button is a text link with the Business name followed by the username. In the below image, it is listed as SuperSimeon : ..."


    • Now click on on the link 'Change Security Question for User [username]'


    • A pop up box will appear with your current Security Question and Answer, change as you want, then click on Change Q&A.



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