New Device Validation

When you use a computer or device to log into the PayHub Virtual Hub for the first time, you will be asked tovalidate that device. If the computer or device is not recognized by PayHub when you log into the PayHub Virtual Hub, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to provide a device name and validation code.

    • Device name: The device name can be whatever you want, something like work computer orhome computer, etc. It should be unique between your various devices, so you can tell what device it is at a later time.
    • Validation Code: This is emailed to the admin for that PayHub account. You will need to put the code into the validation code field of the 'Device Validation' window. You can copy/paste this value into the validation code, and are not required to type it out.


    • Here is an example of the New Device Validation email:


    • After you enter the Device Name and correct validation code, you will be brought to the main login page of the PayHub Virtual Hub and can proceed as normal.


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