Adjust Shipping & Tax Rates

Shipping & Tax Rates

  1. Log into Virtual Terminal.
  2. Click on Admin.


  3. Under General, click on Shipping and Tax Rates.

Tax Rate Settings

        • Here you can set the tax rate to apply to your sales by entering a percentage in the Tax Rate input field.
        • You can also choose to exclude out-of-state online purchases from having a tax applied by checking the Check box ahead of do not apply to out-of-state, Hosted E-commerce purchases (based on shipping address).


      • Select the Save Changes to save your changes. ShippingAndTaxSaveChanges

Shipping Settings

This feature ONLY applies to our E-Commerce Hosted Shopping Cart. This has been discontinued and is now only supported for existing E-commerce merchants.

      • Ground Shipping Pricing Tiers-can set different ground ship prices depending on ranges of total product costs.
        • Example: sales totaling:$100.00 to $250.00 will have ground shipping cost:$15.00
      • Expedited Additional Shipping Cost- Here you can set the cost of 2-day/3-day/overnight shipping.
      • Products in Products with Additional Shipping Costs- If you set additional shipping cost per item when adding a specific product, those will show here.
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