Voids and Refunds

Voids and Full Amount Refunds

Method 1:

Locate via the All Transactions Report

    • From the top menu, mouse over Transactions and click on All Transactions.


    • Locate the transaction you want to Void or Refund. Click on the Trans. ID to pull up theTransaction Details page.


    • On the Transaction Results page, click on the Void or the Refund button.

- or -

  • When you select Void, the Void request will be sent, and you will see the Processing logo appear.
  • When you select Refund, you will be asked to confirm the refund via a pop up. Click on Refund. You will then see the Processing logo appear.

  • ConfirmRefundPrompt
  • After the Void or Refund is submitted correctly, you will be taken to the updated Transaction Detailspage, showing that the transaction was successfully Voided or Refunded.

Voids and Full Amount Refunds

Method 2:

Locate via the Batch

    • If you know what batch the original Sale transaction was in, you can access that batch. Or if a recent batch, you can quickly locate it by going to the Home page, then scrolling to the Last Five Batches section. Click on the Batch ID to see the transactions within it.


    • You will notice the Sale transaction will have Void or Refund in the Function column.

- or -

  • Click on Void or Refund, and you will follow the same steps from Method 1.


Partial Refunds

( IMPORTANT: Selecting Refund on the transaction detail page will ONLY refund the FULL AMOUNT. So, in order to do partial refunds, you will need to follow these instructions. )

A partial refund is done by running a "Refund" transaction for the customer on the existing card for the amount you intend to refund.
This is done by finding the card you intend to refund and running a transaction on it with the "Transaction Type" drop-down set to "refund" ( instead of the default "sale").
1) Navigate to the transaction page with the existing customer and card information populated:
    1a) You can do this by going to the transaction detail page for a transaction for this customer in which the card was used and selecting "Process Another".
    1b) You can do this by going to the customer's customer account page and selecting the "Process" link to the right of the corresponding card in the "Cards" section.
2) Once in the transaction page with the customer and card information populated, you will simply:
    2a) Change the "Transaction Type" drop-down to "Refund".
    2b) Enter the amount you want to refund in the "Amount" field.
    2c) Select "Process Transaction".



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