Magtek Swiper Configuration


Pre-requisites for using the Magtek Config Application

  • Before attempting to config your Magtek swiper, please first try to swipe a card through your computer through the Virtual Hub! Only do the config tool if the swiper does NOT respond during the Swipe Card animation when you try to process a card on the PayHub system.
  • This config tool is for Windows only! You cannot use this tool on a Mac.
  • Currently we are NOT aware of any Mac or Linux based config tools for the Magtek swipers.

Download the Magtek Configuration Tool

  1. Go to to download the "USB Swipe & Insert Reader".
  2. Select the 'Download' link. MagtekUSBSwipeAndInsertReader

Install the Magtek Configuration Tool

    1. Select the '99510026.exe' file once it is downloaded.
    2. Select 'Run' when prompted if you want to run the executable. MagtekUSBSwipeAndInsertReaderRunexecutable
    3. ... allow the '

Install Shield Wizard

      ' to prepare to install.


  1. Select 'Next' on the 'Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for MagTek USBMSR Demo'. MagtekUSBSwipeAndInsertReaderRunWelcomeInstallWizard
  2. Leave the radio button on 'No, don't install the source code' and Select 'Next' on the 'Setup Type' modal. MagtekUSBSwipeAndInsertReaderInstallType
  3. Select 'Install' on the 'Ready to Install the Program' modal. MagtekUSBSwipeAndInsertReaderReadyToInstall
  4. Select 'Finish' on the 'Install Shield Wizard Complete' screen. MagtekUSBSwipeAndInsertReaderWizardComplete

Run the Configuration Tool

  1. Find and launch the 'USBMSR Demo' you just installed. OpenUSBMSRDemo
  2. You will see the 'Attach Device...' screen. At this point attach your USB Swiper to a USB port on your computer. AttachDevice
  3. Select the 'Load File button. USBMR Demo
  4. Select the 'Change to Keyboard' file, then select 'Open'. ChangeKeyboardFileSelection
  5. Select the 'Download' button. SendCommandToDevice
  6. Once the dialog box reads "Finished downloading", your swiper should be ready to use with PayHub's Virtual Hub to swipe cards! FinishedDownloadingLoadFile


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