Managing Delinquent Recurring Bills

1. Find Delinquent Recurring Bills:


        • This will provide you with resulting matches ordered by type of match.


  • To find a specific Delinquent Recurring Bill:
    • You may search for a specific customer or recurring bill by Customer Name or Recurring Bill IDfrom the search box on the right of the menu bar on the upper right-hand corner of any page in the PayHub VT.


        • This will provide you with resulting matches ordered by type of match.
  • For a list of all your currently Delinquent Recurring Bills:
    • Select the red 'Delinquent' link on the left ‘Standard Reports’ column of the PayHub VT ‘Home’ screen. HomeDelinquent


    • Select the “Delinquent Recurring Account” option from the drop-down on the 'Recurring Billing' page (Transactions > Recurring Billing).


    • Select the selectable number of delinquent accounts beneath 'Delinquent' header in the 'Accounts' tall near the top in the 'Recurring Billing' page (Transactions > Recurring Billing).

Select the Recurring Bill ID you were looking for. Then,...

  • Confirm it is the Correct Recurring Bill:


    • First confirm that you are in a delinquent account.
    • The header will show:
      • Account Status: Delinquent
      • Three Buttons
        • Stop
        • Restart (the 'Restart' button will only appear when a recurring bill is Delinquent )
        • Update
    • Next Confirm you have the correct recurring bill.
      • Confirm the 'Amount' and 'Total Amount'.
      • Confirm the customer's 'Name' and 'Customer ID' in the 'Customer' section.
      • Confirm the recurring bill schedule in the 'Bill' section.

2. Determine Why Transactions Fail:

The recurring bill transaction may have failed because the card was over the limit at the time it was run, or for other reasons; such as, the card having expired or the account for that card having been closed. You will need to decide whether to continue to charge the current card or contact the customer to obtain a new card to charge.
To get more insight into the issue that caused the failed transaction, select the 'Transaction Id' for the failed transaction and see what the 'Response/Auth Code', 'AVS Response', and 'CVV/CID Response' codes were on the 'Transaction' page. The meaning of those codes can be found under our 'Failed Transaction Response Codes' post.
Ultimately, you may need to contact the customer to determine whether to continue using the same card or obtain a new one.

3. Restart Delinquent Bills:

Select the 'Restart' button in the header of the 'Recurring Bill' page to restart a 'Delinquent' recurring bill. Restarting a 'Delinquent' recurring bill is what will take it out of 'Delinquent' status.

4. Recoup Uncollected Monies:

You can process a transaction from within the customer account using the card(s) on file. This is where you would recoup the missed charge if you are doing so with a credit card (some situations call for recouping the monies in cash).

  • To navigate to the recurring bill's customer page:
    • Select the 'Customer ID:' link in the 'Customer' section of the 'Recurring Bill' page.


    • You can also arrive there by doing a search for the customer in the search field in the upper right-hand corner of any page in the VT (the right-most menu item)


    • Look for them in the 'Customer' page (Customers > All Customers).
  • Verify that you are in the correct customer account by ensuring the 'Customer Page' contains the 'Recurring Bill IDs' in the "Recurring Bills" section.
  • Select the 'Process' link that corresponds to the card you are going to to charge, from the 'Cardssection.
  • In the 'Transaction Page', enter the amount you are going to charge and any additional cost or information you would like to include (e.g., Note, Invoice#, Shipping, etc.), then select the 'Process Transaction' button on the header.


If the transaction was successful, you know that the information you updated in the recurring bill is valid. If the transaction is NOT successful, and the error is card related, you will need to contact the customer to obtain another card. Repeat this process until you are able to run this transaction on a valid card. Then return to the recurring bill to update it with the new valid card information and restart the bill if you haven't done so already.

5. Update a Recurring Bill:

If needed, update any, or all, of the following fields in a recurring bill: 'Card Number', 'Expiration', 'CVV2/CID', 'Amount', 'Billing Address' and/or the recurring billing schedule. IMPORTANT: ALWAYS SELECT the 'UPDATE' button on the header TO SAVE YOUR CHANGES!


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