Login, Device Validation, Logoff

Logging In

    • Click on the App Icon for "MobileHub".


    • Enter your Organization ID, Username, and Password. Click on the Login button.


    • If you have previously logged in with this phone, you can click on the clock icon to pull up thePrevious Users list.


  • If any of your information is incorrect, or you do not have a Mobile Hub Account set up, you will receive the Login Failed Error.


Device Validation

    • If this is your first time logging in with this device, you will have to validate it. You will know because you will be taken to the below screen after entering in your login credentials.
    • You will receive an email (the Admin of the account will). Enter the validation code into the second field, and in the first field, enter in a device name (something like "Mike's iPhone" or "work iPhone" or something. Each device must have a unique device name).


    • Click on Validate after you enter in the code.


    • You will see a pop up stating Device Validated, and you will be asked to log in one more time.


  • After this login, you are sent to the Current Batch screen, and can then start to run transactions, etc.


Logging Out

  • From the Summary screen, tap the gear icon in the upper right corner. This will take you to theSettings Screen.

  • Iphonecurrentbatch_300px
  • Tap the Logout button. (Alternatively, you can also force close the App on iPhone/iPad by accessing the Multi-tasking bar via double tapping the Home button, and closing the App that way).


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