Why isn't my swiper working with my PayHub MobileHub?

Confirm that you are using a a PayHub MobileHub supported device by confirming it is one of the supported devices listed here:



Make certain to go by the model number (For Android: Settings > About Phone >  Model) rather than the commercial name, as it may be different.



(on iPhone):
Quick setting confirmations can be done as follows:

1. Headphone Volume = All the way up (Max Volume)
2. Settings: General > Accessibility > Mono Audio = OFF
3. Settings: Privacy > Microphone > PayHub = ON
4. Confirm the swiper works on another supported device.

(on Android):

Quick setting confirmations can be done as follows:

1. Headphone Volume = All the way up (Max Volume)


Make sure you have the most current Swiper Configuration file by going to:

1. Settings (Gear icon in the upper right-hand corner)
2. Scroll to the bottom
3. Confirm that the Configuration file is the most current one we support:



       Android:    IDT 5.0 (5.0.3); RPY 3.7.3


       iOS:            IDT 7.8, RPY 3.8.5

4. If so, skip to 6.

    If it is not, Select "Download Swiper Configuration" button.

5. Then, Select "Autoconfigure Swiper" button.

6. Select "Test Swiper (Found)" button if available.

    If "Test Swiper (Found)" button is NOT available go to 3 again, and walk through steps 4 and 5 a couple times. If unable to see "Test Swiper (Found)" after a couple attempts. There may be an issue with the swiper.   

7. When prompted to "Swipe now to test your swiper" swipe.

    If not prompted, Go to 6 a couple more times.  If never prompted there may be an issue with the swiper.   

8. If tracks detected, swiper is working, if not there may be an issue with the swiper.



Confirm that the physical headphone jack works:

1. Plug in a headset with a mic on it.

2. Test earphones: Confirm you can hear audio files (music or video audio) or hear someone on a phone call with you.

3. Test mic: recording a memo and playing it back, or calling someone to confirm they can hear you.
4. If both work, you can eliminate the headphone jack as the issue, if either fail, you will need to test swiper on another working supported device to confirm if the swiper is functioning.



Confirm that the swiper works on another supported device:

1. Find a device on which the swiper or other swipers have been known to work on in the past, or one that is supported and test on it. Confirm whether or not the swiper has issues on it as well.


You can test if the device itself is working on the phone using these manufacturer tools:


For iPhone:


For Android:

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