Virtual Terminal

PayHub Virtual Hub's Features

PayHub Virtual Hub's Features

  • The PayHub Virtual Hub allows the merchant to run transactions (Virtual Terminal), create Recurring Bills, and also is the Hub for the rest of the PayHub Product Suite.
  • The merchant can brand their receipts with their logo, and also placement of information and special footer messages, which can be updated at any time by the merchant.
  • Merchant can create and manage multiple logins for their account, with different sets of roles for different people that they want to give access to.
  • Supports voids, refunds, auth only, captures, and offline transactions.
  • Merchant can run swiped or manual entry transactions, and can keep a database of their customer information, regardless of what product the transaction is ran on (Mobile, e-Commerce, POS, etc).
  • The merchant can take risk assessment into their own hands by allowing them to have final say in what kind of transactions are allowed, via in-depth ability to adjust what kind of additional information is required (CVV, AVS, etc).
  • Strong Reporting tools for the merchant to manage their transactions with.

Activation, Roles, and Users

Customizing the Virtual Terminal


Help and Other Services

USB Swiper Configuration



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