Batch Capture


Batch Capture

  • Batching comes in two types:
    1. Automatic Batch: Batch submittal done automatically at a certain time every day. *System clock is based on Pacific Time Zone. You will need to convert your local time to Pacific Time if the time you are considering is in any other timezone.
    2. Manual Batch: This is where the merchant manually presses a 'Submit Batch'button to batch immediately.
  • PayHub suggests you leave your account on Automatic Batch. You can always manually batch and you will not have to worry about settling at the end of each day!

Automatic Batch

Setting/Adjusting Auto Batch

Manual Batch

  • From the main login page, there is a section called Last Five Batches. From here, you can click the link for the Batch ID, and make sure that the batch you select to close has the Date Settled field set toOPEN.


    • Selecting any of the 'BatchID' links will take you to the transaction details page for the batch that corresponds with that Batch ID. There will be a Submit Batch button in near the upper right-hand corner that you will need to click to have the batch sent in.



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