FAQ & Request Follow Up

FAQ/Help Articles

  1. Click on Help from the top menu of the Virtual Hub. You will see the 'Contact Us' section on the left and a link to our support site right below.
  2. You can ask a specific question by typing into the text box and hitting the Send button. This will create a Ticket you can follow up on.

Ticket Follow up

  1. Anytime you ask a specific question, or generate a request for a New Terminal or to Remove Terminal, it creates a ticket you can see the status of on the 'Help' page.
  2. You can see the tickets that have been opened/closed/in process on the bottom-right of the 'Help' page.
  3. By clicking on the message, you can see the correspondence between the merchant, PayHub rep, or Reseller rep here.
  4. Tickets is red are Closed Tickets.


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