General Settings

  • Access via clicking on Admin from the top menu, then under General, click on Terminal/General Settings.

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General Settings

    • GeneralSettingsInactivitySection


  • General Settings: Set how long you will remain logged in after you stop using the Virtual Hub.Set how long before you will be automatically logged out of the Virtual Hub after you stop using it by you selecting a time period from this drop down.

Terminal and Batch Settings

  • Terminal and Batch Settings: Manage when and if your terminals are batched automatically.Add, remove and name your terminals, select whether or not Virtual Hub automatically batches every day, and if so, set that time. *System clock is based on Pacific Time Zone. You will need to convert your local time to Pacific Time if the time you are considering is in any other timezone. TerminalandBatchSettings
  • Here you will be able to see the terminals active for the merchant and depending on the terminal, you will be able to set some batch options.
  • Terminals used with the Virtual Terminal should always have autobatch set, although the admin can edit/change/remove it. Format is: HH:MM:SS (example, 11PM or 23:00 would be: 23:00:00)

Remove and Add Terminals

  • Remove Terminals: This is used to remove terminals that you see on this page. For example, you do not want to do Mobile Hub anymore, click the Generate Request option next to the text Remove Terminal and it will send to you the Help page with auto generated text to have that specific device closed out. Select the Send button, and that will open a ticket with PayHub to have the terminal removed.
  • Add a New Terminal: Here you can send tickets to PayHub to generate new Terminal setups for you. For example, if you want to start using Mobile Hub, you will need a “terminal" built for it. From the drop-down box, select Mobil VT, then click on the Generate Request button. A pop up box will appear asking you to agree or cancel the 'Submit request to add a 'Terminal Type' Terminal to my account' request. Click 'Okay' to send or the 'Cancel' button to cancel.



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