Configuring your Receipt Printer to Work with your PayHub Account

IMPORTANT: In general, you will try to minimize or completely remove the printer margins, headers and footers in order to eliminate extra space, cut-off writing or wasted paper. Configuring your browser print settings for the best results with your printed receipts will vary depending on the printer and the browser you are using. As an example of this difference, in both Internet Explorer and Firefox you access the printer margin, header, and footer configuration settings from within 'Settings' on the browser window, whereas in Chrome, you do so as one of the steps in the print flow within the pop-up window that is launched when you select 'Print Receipt' in the PayHub VT. Because there is no one correct way to configure your printer, you may need to play with the margin, header, and footer settings to find the best settings for your particular device. Follow the instructions below that correspond to the browser you are using with your PayHub VT. Again, being that the best configuration for your device may be different than the instructions below, please use them as guidance of how you may make those configuration changes in a similar set up.




Confirming your printer is ready for use

        • For printer installation, you will need to follow the instructions that were provided with your Printer.
        • Verify your computer recognizes your printer.
          • Windows (XP/Vista/7): Click on Start/Windows button on your Windows Task Bar (usually located at the bottom of your screen), then click on Devices and Printers


        • If you see your printer listed, it is most likely installed correctly.


      • If your printer is not listed there, most likely is it not installed correctly, and should check your printer's documentation, and potentially re-install it.

Configuring your browser to work with a receipt printer

Below are three examples of how you may change the margin, header, and footer configuration settings forInternet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. These instructions are for a current version of each of these browsers. You may need to find how the same steps are done for the version of the browser you are using by searching the help resources provided by its developer. Remember: Because there is no one correct way to configure all printers, you may need to play with the margin, header, and footer settings to find the best settings for your particular device.

Internet Explorer 9/10

        • Open your Internet Explorer browser.
        • In the upper right hand corner, there will be an icon shaped like a gear. Click on it. Then hold your mouse pointer over


          . then select

Page setup

          from the print menu (see screenshot below):


      • change the Margins for Left, Top, and Bottom to 0. Now print a receipt to see how it looks, and to see which margin will need to be adjusted.
      • If the right edge of the receipt is cut off, then you may need to slightly increase the RightMargin amount.
      • Also, the "Headers and Footers" section contains 6 drop down lists. Set them all to "Empty".
      • Make sure the check box for "Enable Shrink to Fit" is checked.



        • Open the menu in the upper right-hand corner of Firefox.
        • Select the 'Print' icon.


        • In the print window, select 'Page Setup'.


        • On 'Page Setup' select 'Margins & Header/Footer'.


      • Change the Top, Left, Right, and Bottom margin amounts to 0.0.
      • Click on the OK button to save and close the window.

Google Chrome

        • Pull up the receipt you want to print in the Virtual Hub using Google Chrome.
        • Select 'Print' from the 'Print Receipt' drop-down.


        • Select the 'Print Receipt' button at the top on the receipt pop-up.


        • Google Print options screen now appears.
        • For the destination, if your receipt printer isn't pre-selected, click on the Change Button and select your receipt printer.
        • Set the Color Setting to Color, and not Blank and white (For some reason it prints the receipt better this way).
        • From the Margins drop down box, select Custom, and click into the black boxes to adjust the Top, Bottom, and Left margins, which you want to set as 0.00, set the Rightmargin to 5.50. (This is assuming you have your receipt printer set to Letter Size.)



    • Click on Print to print your receipt.
    • Note that when you try to reprint your next receipt, as long as you didn't change your settings again, they should be pre-selected!


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