Using the Mobile Swiper

  • Please note the following screenshots are taken from the iPad version of the PayHub Mobile app, but all other devices look similar and have similar pop ups/messages!


Compatible Devices

Connecting the Swiper

    • You can connect the swiper anytime when you have the app open.
    • First, make sure the volume on your mobile device it at the maximum level it can be set as, otherwise the swiper will not work.
    • Plug the swiper into the headphone jack on your mobile device. When you first plug in the swiper, you will see the following pop-up messages, tap on the OK button to continue:






  • Once the Swiper Connected message is shown, you are ready to swipe the credit card!

Disconnecting the Swiper

    • To disconnect the swiper, firmly hold the swiper and pull it out of your device. You will see the following message showing it was disconnected:


Swiping Cards with your PayHub Mobile Swiper

    • When you choose to process a Credit Card, you will be taken to the following screen if the swiper is plugged in and connected:


  • When swiping the card through the reader, you want the magnetic stripe facing away from the PayHubside of the swiper, and slide the card completely through the reader:

Install the Swivel Guard on the Swiper

    • Your PayHub swiper comes with an additional part, the swivel guard. Depending on where your headphone jack is located, it may come in handy.
    • Please see the below picture on how to install this.
    • First, lay the swiper on a flat surface, with the word "PayHub" facing up.
    • Now, orient the swivewl guard so that the circular hole will fit around the headphone jack.
    • The guard connects into the swiper by sliding it in and fits around the headphone jack.


Common Issues and Fixes

Bluetooth Audio Issues

  • Please note, that if you are currently using Bluetooth audio (via a call or music), then the swiper will not function correctly.
  • Please turn off the Bluetooth device, and reconnect the swiper.

During connection of the swiper

    • If you see either of the below messages during the initialization of the swiper, turn the volume on your device to maximum, then unplug and replug in the PayHub Mobile Swiper!:




    • Android devices only: If you see this error, please Force close the app, then relaunch it:


  • If the swiper still does not connect successfully then:
    • On iOS devices running iOS 6 or above:
      • Ensure that the Mono Audio is OFF by going to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Mono Audio.
    • On iOS devices running iOS 7 or above:
      • Ensure that the PayHub app has access to the microphone by going to Settings -> General -> Privacy -> Microphone and make sure the toggle is ON for the PayHub app.

When you try to process a card and you are not taken to the swipe card screen

    • When you go to process the credit card and you are not taken to the Swipe screen but you see the Manual Credit Card entry screen, then put your device to sleep (by pushing the button on the device that turns the screen off), then turn it back on by pushing the button again. You will then go through the pop ups for connecting the Swiper again, and after it reconnects, you will see the Credit Card Swipe screen.
    • Alternately, you can also unplug the swiper, then plug it back in to force it to reconnect.


Issues when trying to swipe a card

    • If you see the below screenshot, please re-swipe the credit card through the reader, as the reader was not able to pick up the credit card information:


    • If you see the below message, tap the OK button and re-swipe the card. You have roughly 10 to 15 seconds until the swiper times out. Then you just have to push the OK button, and re-swipe the card:



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