What is PCI DSS and what does it mean to a merchant?

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) was put in place to protect sensitive credit card information from falling into the wrong hands. All merchants who handle any kinds of sensitive information related to credit cards can be held liable for security compromises if they do not take the correct steps to try to safeguard this information. Card brands started requiring all merchants who accept credit cards to become PCI DSS compliant.

When we sign-up a merchant for processing we will automatically include information for becoming PCI compliant. A new merchant will receive a User Name and Password for Control Scan the third-party partner that handles merchant certification process for SignaPay | PayHub.  The merchant can log on immediately to start the process of become PCI complaint and will also receive a follow up email from Control Scan urging them to become compliant if they have not done so within 90 days.

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