High Risk MCC's

High Risk MCC's


MCC Business Type
7299 Collection Accounts
5993 Vapor Accounts
5960-5968 Subscription/Membership
5993 MOTO/Ecomm E-Cigs & Vapor
5999 (retail) Adult Novelty Stores Retail & CNP
9223 Bail and Bond Payments
5192 Books/Periodicals/Newsp - Whls
8999 Auction House
5937 Antique Reproduction
5932 Antique Shops (High Ticket)
5971 Art Dealers & Galleries
4816 Computer Services/Int'l
8699 Membership Orgs (Online Ecomm)
5933 Pawn Shops
5712 Furniture (Special Order)
1520, 1799 General Contractors (High Ticket)
5944 Jewelry Stores (High Ticket)
7997 Membership Clubs (CNP, Discounts)
7922 Ticket Agencies
7299 Document Preparation (Loan Related)
5499 Supplement Sales/Neutra Products
4812-4816 Telecommunication/Prepaid Cards
5734, 7379 Computer Tech Support (Int'l)
5993 E-commerce/MOTO Tobacco/Cigars
Various Cruise Lines
Various Airlines
7273 Dating Sites
5960-5968, Various Auto Ship, Free Trials, Neg Option
4722 Tour Operators
Various  Credit Repair
7372, 7392, 8299 Web Development/SEO


Card Brand Program Administrative Fee
Merchant Chargeback Monitoring Program $1,000
Common Point of Purchase Program $1,000
Global Merchant Audit Program $1,000

Note: All Types of Collection Agencies will require the additional documentation noted on the Collection checklist

Note: Tobacco, Vapor and E-Cig Business Types will be registered with MC and will incur a $1000 account management fee annually

The MCC codes listed are considered to be high risk to SignaPay and may have a high propensity for chargeback activity. All MCC codes above may be subject to a Risk premium from 10% to 30% of (gross/net) revenue. These percentages are determined by the Sponsor Bank.

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