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1. When I submit a request for service how will it be assigned?

All of the tickets that are sent from our website ( are auto-assigned to the first available customer service agent to ensure immediate attention. When the details of the request are included they will be assigned accordingly:

  • New Merchant Setup and Technical Issues are assigned to the Technical Support team.
  • General Questions, Money Related Questions, and Account Closure are assigned to the Account Services team. 
  • Risk Management issues are assigned to the Risk Management team.
  • Service requests that are emailed directly and not submitted through our online form often do not include the details needed and are assigned to a customer service agent and may not be directed to a service specialist. Opening a request using our online solution ( gives us the ability to expedite a request.

2. How will I know when my service request has been assigned and someone is working on it?

You will receive an email stating when your request was assigned to a representative and who it was assigned to. This email thread is a public reply and you can email the representative directly through this thread. 

You will also receive an email when your request has been resolved. If you have any other questions or need additional support you can reply and we will continue to provide support until we have final confirmation that the request has been completed.

3. Do I have to provide my MID for support? 

No, we can look up your account using your email address. However, the more info you provide us allows us to look up your account more quickly to process your service request. 

4. Do I still submit a service request if I have a high priority request that needs to be addressed immediately?

Yes. Our customer service agents will address high priority requests first. These requests are identified based on the "Reason for Contacting" section of the online form at 

5. Is there a history of my service requests so that I can follow up if needed?

Yes. We use a comprehensive ticketing solution that maintains all service request information including who submitted the request, the date and time, the agent, the details of the request and resolutions. This give us a detailed history of  your merchant account and also provides reporting that allows us to  update our knowledge base so that you can utilize online help and we can also understand service trends and implement service improvements.

6. If I call in for support will a service request be initiated?

Yes. However, submitting a ticket in writing through our online system will speed up the process and include the details that will note the priority and provide the information needed for a detailed email follow up. 




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