Prohibited Merchants and Nutraceuticals


  • Multi-level marketing / Pyramid scheme merchants
  • Adult streaming video
  • Medical marijuana or any merchant in the industry or selling products within the industry
  • Loan modification
  • E-Commerce gambling and betting – Unless deemed legal by card brands or by law
  • Escort Services
  • Prepaid phone cards / air-time minutes
  • Offshore merchants
  • Timeshare sales
  • Any BRAM Violations merchants
  • Aggregators
  • MOTO / E-Commerce pharmacies
  • Payday lending / loans / Title loans or any predatory loan offering
  • Asset protection / Venture capital
  • Cyber locker / Tube sites / Torrent sites
  • CBD/Hemp Products
  • Any sale of merchandise deemed illegal by state or federal governments
  • Any merchant that may damage the reputation of SignaPay/Sponsor Bank

SignaPay holds the right to decline any merchant that SignaPay is not comfortable with for any reason at all. This list is not comprehensive and exceptions can be made on certain merchants and business types. Prohibited merchants may differ from platform to platform. If you have any questions about any merchants not appearing on these lists, please contact the Underwriting Department.

SignaPay holds the right to request any and all additional documentation that they see fit. SignaPay also has the right to decline any merchant that they see fit. Exceptions to these guidelines may be requested in writing and will be considered by underwriting.

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