How to Link Accounts in Aperia

When there is a request to "link" various MID's together in Aperia to a master account, the following should provide the steps necessary to complete the request.

In order to chain merchants in Aperia they must meet the below requirements :

 1. All MIDs must have same Legal Name

2. All MIDs must have same Federal Tax ID# 

Before you submit the request thru Zendesk, please be sure to review each MID carefully.


Pull up the master MID in Aperia.

Click Site Jump.

Click continue to go to the Merchant Information tab (this is where the merchant would start if they logged in themselves).

Check the box for Retailer under Part 2, Click NO for both Part 3 questions, check the box I have read and agreed to the terms & conditions and click Continue.

You will get a pop up regarding Associated Merchants.  Click YES.

You will then see a list of all MIDs that are linked to the current MID.  If you need to remove any, click the red X.

Once you are satisfied with the list, click Continue.

The next screen is the Questionnaire Selection wizard screen.  At this point, you can click Return to CS (at the top of the screen) to exit the site jump. 

Once these steps have been complete, when you pull the master account up in Aperia, and scroll down to the Activity, you will see an entry for each MID that was added to the chain!




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