Amex Name Format corrected as of Oct.12th 2016

BFC deployed an update Oct. 11th at 9:00 pm CST correcting the issue with the Amex transactions and the Name on Card when it is 3 pieces or more (ie, ADRIANA FERNANDA GOMEZ C).  

Bug Fix TSYS-0045: Amex transactions with a 3-part Name on Card return Re-enter decline

Customers are receiving the error message "Re-enter transaction; Check setup values," processor code 19 when running an Amex transaction with 3 or more pieces to the Name on Card field.  BFC identified a required change within the API guide regarding Amex cards the first name field cannot exceed 15 characters of a 35-character field and the last name is limited to 30 characters of a 35-character field. This  re-engineered the Name on Card parsing logic to accept these limits.

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