PayLo - Customer Service (General Information)

Please be aware that a new office code was created for Pay Lo; ISO 14793; those accounts can be reviewed under ISO 10359 without toggling between offices. When you first search for the account in VIMAS, please pay extra attention to the ISO name (see below) to differentiate the merchants on the program.

All merchants on the PayLo portfolio will have two bank accounts:

  • Credit account = the merchant’s bank account
  • Debit account = Signapay’s bank account (no exception)


Any Merchant account maintenance (including closures) will be sent to email This includes internal and DTI contacts to update accounts, downloads and bank information.  Merchant requests will be forwarded and supporting documentation will be loaded to VIMAS.


Statements will be prepared by DTI and available online - Partner, Merchant and Internal access will be by User Name and Login into DTI

Merchant calls regarding their statement will be referred to the Partner.

Any questions regarding the Monthly Cost are based on the Merchant Service Agreement and should be referred to the Partner.


SignaPay will receive the chargeback and notify DTI to initiate the ACH.

PCI Compliance

Control Scan is the third party provider and should be handled the same as PPS accounts.


The return amount will include the fee

MCC Codes

MOTO is available for PayLo and notification of the fee is required on the website as it is for Retail and Restaurants.

Restricted MCC will follow Underwriting guidelines. No specific restrictions for the cash distribution program.


The various pricing stickers will be ordered (Qty 50) and we will keep them in stock to include with deployment. Direct client order (SPMN) will be addressed with DTI as an ongoing option.


SPMN will handle their deployment and all terminals will be locked. The Z8 and Z9 are the available terminals for the PayLo program.

Terminal Replacement

Once SignaPay is able to troubleshoot and test a terminal and it is deemed unusable, we will send a new terminal out to the merchant.  PayHub is NOT an option as it does not add the transaction discount fee as the terminals do.





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