Ingenico IPP EMV Solution Status

To: SignaPay
From: Brinkman Financial Company, L.P.
Date: October 25th, 2016
Subject: Ingenico IPP EMV Solution Status

Our initial installations of the Ingenico iPP320 hardware onto existing customer computers have resulted in a series of new issues/problems outside the original parameters of our testing. We are currently recommending SignaPay delay the installation/release of the Ingenico hardware for 2 weeks while NextPay (BFC) completes the writing of an alternative communication library with the Ingenico hardware and completes research with the manufacturer regarding power requirements of the hardware.

Our current experience with two installs have shown that the use of the Ingenico hardware on these computers have resulted in the Virtual Terminal Page to lockup when loading the page. Over the course of a week, NextPay (BFC) found that the hardware connected to the computer required larger delays than were originally designed around the system. NextPay (BFC) made an out-of-normal update on Sunday, October 23rd to change the default time-outs and allow support staff to customize the time-outs on a case-by-case basis.

On Monday, October 24th, NextPay (BFC) found this did not solve the problem with the install. In fact, further research has found that the Microsoft-provided library NextPay (BFC) utilized in the communication to the Ingenico hardware has some significant problems in it1. NextPay (BFC) is replacing the use of this library based on the details that matched the situation with our research into this problem. While this does not require an entire re-write, it will require extensive testing once completed. We believe we can complete the updates before our Holiday Freeze (November 13th).

Also on Monday, October 24th, we requested the customer restart their computer. The restarted computer failed to boot back up.NextPay (BFC) believes the older equipment may have experienced a motherboard failure due to the power drain from the Ingenico hardware being attached to the computer along with the other components connected to the computer. NextPay (BFC) now has most of the same components in our lab environment and has not experienced this problem. NextPay (BFC) is now initiating additional technical research to determine what type of recommended computer hardware should be present on the customer’s computer.

NextPay (BFC) continues to strive to improve the EMV solution and this is a small setback. We will release an updated memo within the next 2 weeks to provide additional guidance and knowledge of the issues.




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