PayLo - Z8 and Z9 Terminals

The PayLo program can be used on the Z8 and Z9 terminals.

The Z9 is battery powered, and also is available in three (3) different types:

  • GPRS Only (Requires a Sims card, if purchasing from Dejavoo, the Jasper card with the Silver plan best fits our merchants)
  • WIFI Only ( Picks up the High Speed from an Open LAN WIFI course nearest the terminal)
  • GPRS & WIFI (Can do both just like a Smart Phone)

The Z8 which is Dejavoo’s Dual Comm, requires to be plugged into 110 Volt outlet to get it’s power, but also can have WIFI added to them for an additional cost.

Exact equipment details should be accurately reflected on the download form. 

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